Hot springs

You can enjoy Hokkawa hot spring at “Shakunage no yu” for men and “Tsubaki no yu” for women from 14:00-23:40.
We close both baths from 23:40-24:00 to rotate men and women.
From 24:00-10:00, “Shakunage no yu” open for women and “Tsubaki no yu” open for men.
“Kurone iwa buro” is a public outdoor bath located right by the sea. You can feel the see breeze while enjoying hot spring.
It is about 5 minutes walk from Bousui and free of charge for our guests.

“KURONEIWABURO” has 3 baths, 2 rock baths in front, and 1 round bath on the back.
Baths are divided into men's and women's.
*2 rock baths
FOR MEN -From 10:00 am to 6:00pm. ( last entry time 5:45 pm) .
*1 round bath
FOR WOMEN -From 10:00 am to 6:00pm. ( last entry time 5:45 pm) .
We have a private hot spring source inside our land (name : Hokkawa Kaihatsu Onsen). It supplies 300 litters of hot spring every minute and the spring quality is remarkably good in Hokkawa area.
The spring type is sodium and calcium chloride spring, clear color, and the temperature is 84.8 degrees centigrade. Efficacies are fatigue recovery, health promotion, neuralgia, joint pain, etc.
At the private gazebo, natural hot spring is constantly flowing. However, we add some tap water to make the suitable temperature.
At the large public bath and outdoor bath, we adopt the discharge circulation combination system in order to maintain good hygiene in the bathtubs.
We are sorry. Our bath facilities are for the staying guests only.
In consideration of our other guests, people with tattoos may not use the public baths.
You can enjoy hot springs at the private gazebos and the premium gazebos with your friends and family.